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Many people crave leadership positions and being in places of influence but do not understand how to behave once they get there. Leadership is not just about the role and title but also about how one relates with those they oversee. One of the most fundamental points in connecting with others is communication. Communication can influence how people respect their leader. Speaking habits can significantly impact leadership both positively and negatively. Therefore, one needs to know which practices will improve his leadership.

Follow data with explanations

When someone is knowledgeable about a subject and gives a lecture or speech, it is wise not just to dump points. It is advisable to link information with layman’s explanations to ensure that all who listen understand the concept properly. Dumping data and figures on people, especially when presenting, may leave the audience with very little knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, one should ensure they make the points as straightforward as possible so that everyone in the room understands.

Speaking from the heart

To most people, reading a pre-written speech seems like the epitome of being organized. However, it brings a non-personal feel to the audience. For one to connect with those they are addressing, they need to learn to organize their thoughts and speak from the heart. When the audience sees that their leader feels what they are saying, they tend to connect more with the things the leader is speaking.

Use simple language

No matter how learned one is, their language when speaking with those working under them should be simple to understand. One should ensure they do not use technical terms unless they expound the meaning. Using hard, unfamiliar words makes the people who receive the message feel intimidated, especially if they are not at the same level of understanding as to the speaker. A good leader will ensure that their message breaks down to the simplest terms.

Use images in a presentation

Pictures make understanding simpler, even for complex topics. Therefore, when giving a presentation, accompany the data with images that will boost learning and make the audience feel smart. When explaining a new concept, images that are relatable to the people will help explain and give examples.

Therefore, speaking can either make or break a leader. Words have the power to capture people’s hearts, and it is best if one uses them appropriately.