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It’s no secret that the more time and resources you spend developing yourself as an individual, the better your career will be. For example, suppose you learn how to negotiate a better salary. In that case, you have less likely to be terminated, which only enhances your chances of growing and advancing within your professional world.

Some professional development books can make the process easier to help professionals maintain their growth while working in high-stress positions like these. Some of these books include:

1. The Magic of Negotiation by Richard Farson

The Magic of Negotiation is a great book to learn universal negotiation strategies for all cultures and ages. This book provides insight and advice on some meaningful topics, including getting through tough times, how to make sure that you are ready for negotiations, and what signals your body can use when you are thinking clearly or not.

2. The Power of Purpose: How to Find Your Unique Calling by Marshall Goldsmith

The Power of Purpose walks you through how you should determine the right ideas, set goals, and use these goals to develop yourself into what you want to be. This book is also great for learning how to stick with your goals and where they are in the long run. The chapters include Self-Awareness, ‘A’ Aspects of The Job, and Goals Preparation.

3. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is a book that takes you through the author’s journey of discovering what he calls the four agreements. The book also teaches you to focus on the positive and avoid negative people. Finally, this book teaches you how to live your life as a peaceful and purposeful being.

4. The Power of Intention: How to Change Your Life by Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj is a true yogi who learned how to give himself a certain amount of peace and tranquility. The power of intention is one of the greatest lessons he teaches in this book. This book is about finding meaning in a complex life by having the ability to change focus, questioning how things happen and how they can be changed, and understanding what it means to be truly happy.

5. The Skillful Leader: Achieving High Performance at Work by Ken Blanchard

The Skillful Leader is a good read for those who want to learn how to effectively lead and manage a team of people. The book teaches how to learn from people, work with the power and limitations of emotions, set performance standards, and use high-performance cultures.